"NetInfo" An IP Calculator for the Palm Handheld

By David Billett, Clearcom Computing

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Download
  3. Syntax
    1. IP Address Component
    2. Separator
    3. Netmask Component
    4. Shortcuts
  4. Website
  5. Feedback


You enter an IP address and netmask and click on Calculate. The program calculates the following data:
  • Network address.
  • Dotted quad version of the network mask.
  • Hexadecimal version of the network mask.
  • Broadcast address.
  • The first host address on the network.
  • The last host address on the network.
  • The number of hosts on the network (excludes network and broadcast addresses).

The netmask may be entered in several different formats. CIDR style number of bits, dotted quad or hexadecimal. See the Syntax section for details.

This program is covered by a BSD style license. You are free to copy, distribute and use the software free of charge.


You can download the software as a zip archive or as a gzipped, tar archive. The current version is 1.14. See CHANGES for details.

Zip format: netinfo114.zip

Gzipped tar format: netinfo-1.14.tgz

Md5sum of netinfo.prc is 0cfb99c26c72414d024ada861c18996d


The IP address and netmask entry field is bound by the following rules:

IP Address Component

  • Must consist of at least one digit.
  • May contain up to four dotted quad components.
  • Each dotted quad component must be <= 255.


  • The separator character "/" is mandatory. As of version 1.12 this may also be a "\" character.

Netmask Component

  • Must be present.
  • May be a CIDR style "number of bits" such as
  • If it is a CIDR style "number of bits", it must be >= 1 and <= 32.
  • May be a dotted quad format such as
  • If it is a dotted quad format, each component must be < 256.
  • If it is a dotted quad format, there must be at least one 'dot'. ie is OK, is not.
  • May be hexadecimal format such as
  • If it is a hexadecimal format, it must begin with "0x".
  • Must be a valid netmask.

A netmask is checked for the following conditions:

  • For dotted quad and hexadecimal formats, the netmask when converted to a binary number, must be a continuous series of ones.

    The following is valid:

    0xff8 or 255.128

    These convert to a binary number like:


    The following is invalid:

    0xff1 or 255.1

    These convert to a binary number like:



You can enter a minimum of data for NetInfo to figure out what you're trying to do.

For example, the following will work:







Any feedback or suggestions are welcome.


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