OpenBSD Disaster Recovery Tool

This tool was developed for a Windows NT based environment where I installed an OpenBSD mail/ftp relay and DNS server. Due to the lack of experience with Unix in general, I was asked to provide a simple disaster recovery system. It has only been tested on the i386 architecture.

The basic principal involved is that the system data is stored in dump files on tape along with a tar file detailing the disk layout. A modified installation boot floppy image is provided that allows you to recover the disk layout from the tape tar file, rebuild the hard disk and restore the system data.

The disaster recovery tool is not intended to be an all encompassing backup solution. It is intended to be used in conjunction with the regular backup regime. It will build a system from scratch without the need to resort to the original OS install media and re-application of any patches.

  • See the README file and the mkdrtape(8) man page for more details. Please read the warning paragraph in the README file regarding the danger of using the disaster recovery tool on multiboot systems.

  • Download the small source bundle which does not include the floppy images, but does include a diff against a 2.9 source tree drutils-0.2.tar.gz (16k).

  • Download the large source bundle which includes the floppy images drutils-fl-0.2.tar.gz (2752k).

  • MD5SUMs:

    bb124332bbbfdcc941832d2affdf209a drutils-0.2.tar.gz

    de1230181abd4f0ee07e4ef15b2616a4 drutils-fl-0.2.tar.gz

Last modified: Sun Feb 9 14:01:13 EST 2003